Project planning services convert your legacy applications to the cloud, whether you are migrating to Amazon, Salesforce, or Azure.

Enrapt will assess your existing applications and identify fit for the cloud platform of your choice. Once the application assessment is complete, Enrapt will provide both a migration architecture, schedule, and proof that the application is migratable.

Past Projects

Customer Portal Migration to Salesforce Communities Planning

Insurance Company A (Duration 2 Months)

Demonstrated how the customer’s existing My Page could be migrated to Created the list of necessary integrations, batches, and authentication scheme for using with on-premise systems. Reviewed the architecture with customer’s risk and security teams. Demonstrated how could be integrated to the customer’s HOST systems and On-premise database. Created project schedule and project team for initial project release.

Migration of Agency Support Applications to Salesforce Communities Planning

Insurance Company A (Duration 3 Months)

Assessed the fit, size, and cost of migration for applications to the cloud. Created buy, sell, and hold lists for over 50+ agency applications. Defined and reviewed cloud migration application targets with stakeholders to finalize the scope. Created a project schedule for the initial two years of agency application migration and release.

Insurance Policy Services API Planning

Insurance Company B (Duration 2 Months)

Assessed the size and scope for creation of a policy API to be used by the agency and operations teams. Defined the initial project scope and schedule for utilization with the first two target applications. Created a vendor project team for the release of the policy services API within six months.